Convenience of Gator Grip Universal

Gator Grip

Gator grip is the universal stainless steel socket that can grip any shape. If you are tired of adjusting and forcing nuts to the walls and hard surface with the help of screwdrivers, here is a perfect and easy-touse solution for you. Gator Grip Universal is the universal adjuster for almost every nut available. It can fit over one thousand different kinds of bolts, nuts, and fasteners.

We know that how difficult it is to put a bolt in the walls for an unexperienced person like you and me. A professional can do it easily, but a layman may need to struggle. Gator Grip Universal takes away the hassle by offering you a perfect device that supports a variety of steel rods and help you fix bolts, nuts, etc. easily.

Gator Grip Universal has 54 varieties of steel rod. With these many varieties, this device is capable of handling square nuts, hex nuts, wing nuts, hooks, damaged nuts, broken nuts, stripped nuts, rusted nuts, eye bolts, and almost all the available type of nuts.

Set of its features are:

Firstly, this Gator Grip is the professional-grade socket wrench which is universal to all nuts.

It can be used in place of all the standard and metric sockets and wrenches

It is adjustable to all the shape and size because of its unique design

It can be utilized as a complete tool box.

Another exciting feature of Gator Grip is its tolerance power. This tool can handle the torque of 150-foot pounds.

Gator Grip Universal package will come with one gator grip device and one power drill adapter for electric screwdrivers and drills.

So in all, it is a complete set of the toolbox which is handy and portable.

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