Popsocket design and protection features

Jan 10 2017 Tags: grip, phone holder, popsockets

When it comes to design, the PopSocket attaches to most case however don’t put them on silicone case, leather-based circumstances or iPhone circumstances with a water-resistant coating. The PopSocket will add a little bit of thickness to the iPhone however that’s to be anticipated with any one-handed utilisation accent.

To make use of the product, all you must do is to drag the socket out. This may be achieved by one hand although it's simpler with two. The PopSocket additionally doubles as a stand which is a giant plus over the Ungrip and to a sure extent, the Spigen Fashion ring. The one grievance we do have with the design of the product is the cap on the top of the Pop Socket feels a little bit sharp. The sharp cap shouldn’t be an issue for most individuals, however it's one thing we’ve seen.

The PopSocket does make a little bit of noise while you pull it out which actually shouldn’t be a problem until you’re like Aaron, who likes to fiddle with stuff whereas he sits round, watching Monty.


Concerning safety, the product itself isn’t going to supply a lot for the iPhone. We’d strongly getting a display protector at a minimal, or you could possibly strive a set of Bumpies/Utomics, which is what's on the iPhone 6s Plus in our video. We discovered ourselves fixed putting the iPhone face first with the PopSocket totally prolonged for ease of entry.

The PopSocket doesn’t provide as a lot drop safety as different merchandise such because the Ungrip and Crazy case as a result of your fingers aren’t bodily connected to your iPhone. Dropping the iPhone whereas utilising the PopSocket goes to be unlikely however it’s nonetheless price noting.


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