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Gulper Shark Watch

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The Gulper shark watch makes a sleek, stylish and professional looking design to go for when you are in need of something with a touch of class about it. Made for young and aspiring professionals looking for something with a bit of glam about it without being too over-the-top, this makes a fine starting point when you are in need of a cool and comfortable timepiece that carries a proper 21st-century feel to it.

As the times show a changing of the guard in how we dress and how we present ourselves, this offers both a throwback to previous eras tangled in with a more modernist look. So, if you are looking for a timepiece that carries a luxurious charm and a bit of a mystery to it, this might be the perfect place to start. A cool, comfortable and easy to work with watch whether it’s for a formal event or just to try and add variety to your jewelry collection.

  • The large crown, with the SHARK logo engraved, makes a fine place to start for a watch that’s easily spotted.
  • Designed to offer an alarm, both 12/24h move and a LED light to ensure its easily read even in darkness.
  • Made from a black stainless steel to ensure it carries a touch of charm as well as a level of mystery.

So, treat yourself to a timepiece that perfectly portrays the style of the modern man. A fine choice when you are in need of a timepiece that does everything you need to look great and feel fantastic.

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Main features:

  • Red LED display digital wrist watch
  • Black stainless steel bracelet
  • Date, day, alarm and 12/24H displayed in LED
  • Oversized, easy-to-hold crown carved with SHARK’s logo

Gulper Shark Watch


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